Match the Paintings

cunningham hill infant 03Photos from my workshops at Cunningham Hill Infant School in St Albans last week. Each of the five classes were studying famous paintings from the National Gallery (including one of my all-time favourites). The children produced their own 3D versions of the paintings over the two days, as well doing their own personal pop-up designs. The 3D paintings aren’t finished yet, so more pictures to follow when I get them from the school.
This was a return visit to this school and it was very gratifying to see that, not only did many of the children remember me, but that they were able to build on what they had previously learnt. They even used some of these previously-learnt techniques when producing their cards last Christmas.cunningham hill infant compositecunningham hill infant 01cunningham hill infant 06b

2 thoughts on “Match the Paintings

  1. “The children (and I) were so excited on your return to our school and we were not disappointed. All the children at all levels were fully engaged in a positive approach and able to succeed.
    It was a lovely surprise that the task was completely different this time – very unexpected – and showed that a great deal of thought and planning had been used.” Silver Class Y2

    “Children very much enjoyed the whole experience. It was an opportunity to create something on a large scale and ambitious (large replicas of people) for the children, which they wouldnt have had in class. Children also enjoyed the books you brought to show. The workshop provided opportunities to apply skills learnt and they love having the completed 3d picture on display. They are proud f it and it reminds them how they worked together. Thank you” – Orange Class Y1

    1. Many thanks for taking the time to give me this feedback, Angela – It’s very much appreciated. I’ve been very impressed, on both occasions, by how the school manages to get so much out of the children and I have to keep reminding myself that’s it’s an infant school.
      I love the way creativity plays such a big part in the children’s learning and the effort you make in order to get different creative practitioners into the school.
      For me, these visits were very rewarding as you set your own projects and, in doing so, set a challenge for me also, making it a true collaborative effort.

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