Fat Larry’s Fruit and Veg Shop

I recently changed my facebook page to a picture of the fruit and vegetable shop from Detective Paws. The images below show some of the stages during the development of the spread from initial rough through to finished artwork.
The sequence is one I often use in my school talks. Recently, on a return visit to a school, I was told how they had picked up on something I had said on my previous visit. I don’t remember this, but apparently I had told one child that his work wasn’t ‘wrong’ as he claimed, it was just ‘not finished’. By this I meant that all those not-quite-right roughs aren’t wrong, but stepping stones or guides to help you get to where you want to go. I constantly try to emphasise to the children that my work doesn’t come out fully formed but that there is a developmental process behind it all.Detective Paws fruit n veg shop 02Detective Paws fruit n veg shop 01Detective Paws fruit n veg shop 03Detective Paws fruit n veg shop 04Detective Paws fruit n veg shop 05

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