Light Poetry

The Poetryjoe Show is currently in the middle of it’s nine-performance run for the Whitstable Satellite 2012 , part of the Whitstable Biennale. I was very pleased to be invited by Joseph Coelho  to participate in the creation of this show earlier this year. I felt there was a perfect match between Joe’s skills as poet and performer and mine as illustrator, paper engineer and general creative DIYer.

What started as a fairly simple idea soon turned into a quest to find as many different ways as possible of projecting and animating imagry alongside Joe’s words using an overhead projector. The show, aimed at 4 to 7 year olds,  remains deliberately low-tech, providing an antidote to fast developing technology. So far, it’s been well received.

Working on the project has been a big learning curve for me, both in terms of using my illustrations in new ways,  as well as being part of a collaborative team effort.

The show, which takes place at the Horsebridge Arts and Community Centre, finishes this weekend. For further information or to book the show, please go to the Word Pepper site.

Saturday 15th September – 11.15 am, 3.15 pm
Sunday 16th September – 3.15 pm
Horsebridge Arts & Community Centre, 11 Horsebridge Road, Whitstable, Kent CT5 1AF

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