1 school v 8 creative practitioners

Eight creative practitioners descended on Lee Manor High School near Luton yesterday, courtesy of Carnival Arts Creative Partnership, ready to take on the School Charter and elicit a creative response to it from the year 7 students.

Two rappers, an artist, teacher, film maker, theatre practitioner (stage fights),  author/illustrator (me) and furniture designer worked with eight classes of year 7 students – some quite lively, some even livelier – in a series of five, one hour sessions.

An end product wasn’t an essential part of the brief but, for my own part, as things were fairly chaotic at times , the choice to have one was useful in filtering and focusing on all the really good work that was being done – each student produced a piece which made up part of the greater whole. I asked them to condense sections of the charter down to a couple of words and to use graphic-style writing and imagry to convey the meaning of those words.

Over the coming days I expect some will take away their work, some will blow away in the breeze and the rest will disintegrate, ‘Arte Povera’ style.

Below are the photos – proof that it all did really happen.   JOHN

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