My Contact-an-Author page is now up and running. Click on the link to find out what I have to offer.

And here’s some pictures from a recent year 6 workshop at Stroud Green school, Haringey. The children were studying mountains so I set them the task of using images of famous examples to creat pop-up 3D dioramas. They were shown how to break up the images into separate layers to make foregound, middle distance and backround which we then joined together using collapsible spacers. We finished off by creating a viewing framework. I was so impressed by what they were able to do in such a short space of time.

The children’s teacher kindly supplied me with the following soundbite:

‘John facilitated a Year 6 workshop during which the children had opportunities to manipulate perspective.  The results were stunning, as the children produced a series of fascinating and carefully constructed 3D models of mountain scenes. John’s approach was child-centred and engaging, supporting those children who needed extra help whilst stretching those with stronger design skills.’

Work in progress

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