Book Week!

school pop-up bookHere’s my line up for this year’s book week.
I’m very excited and looking forward to a series of intense, fun-filled sessions.

26 Feb – St. Mary’s School, Bicester

1 March – Chase Side Primary School, Enfield

5 March – Lindfield Primary School, Lindfield

6 March – Hertswood Academy, Borehamwood

7 March – Thomas’s School, Clapham

8 March – Hereward House School, Hampstead

2 thoughts on “Book Week!

  1. Hello! You visited us at Lindfield Primary School today. We really enjoyed your visit and we thought you were amazing. You are our favourite illustrator, writer and paper engineer. We thought Detective Paws was the best, especially how you had to look for clues. Hope you come again soon. Love Eliza and Hannah, age 9.

    1. Many thanks for the kind words, Eliza and Hannah. I had such a wonderful time at your school today and was really impressed by everyone’s enthusiasm and creativity – for me that’s what makes the school visits special. The teachers have promised to send some pictures of your finished books which I very much look forward to seeing. Very best wishes.

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