Grahams war box

What better way to mark N4 Junior’s new life in Portsmouth than to recollect how he came by his first high-end computer in those pre-blog days.

‘You could try this,’ he said at the time, waving a copy of PC Gamer magazine in my face. ‘You’re good at art!’

It was a competition with a chance to win a big prize – all you had to do was design a DIY war kit, no bigger than a shoebox, for Graham, the games reviewer, to coincide with the release of Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway.

I don’t condone war in any shape or form, but there was a computer to be won, and we were out to win it. I got my shoebox and began. Spurred on by the support and encouragement of the rest of my family who said things like, ‘Shouldn’t you be working?’ and ‘Haven’t you got anything better to do?’ I soldiered on to the bitter end.


As an afterthought, I decided to include a photo of Grahams girlfriend in the box. This soon became a picture of his mum brought to life by combining Grahams photo, from the PC Gamer site, with a random photo of a granny from the web, using the magic of photoshop.

I have a feeling that it was this that clinched the deal.   JOHN

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