Blue Fairy

When an opportunity arose to help out CO-Gas Safety, the charity that lobbies to stop deaths and injuries from accidental carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, I agreed without a moment’s hesitation. This is the organisation that gave us help and support in 2004. We’re very grateful and I like to use my skills to help them out whenever I can.

The significance of the blue fairy is related to the blue flame and crossed-out yellow flame of the CO-Gas Safety logo. Whenever natural gas is burned completely, you get a blue flame, which is good. But if there is there is insufficient oxygen, then carbon monoxide is produced and the flame becomes yellow, which is bad.

CO-Gas Safety Christmas card

Please go to the CO-Gas Safety website to find out what you can do to keep safe from carbon monoxide and other dangerous gases. Do it now! You might be at risk and it could save your life.

Stephanie Trotter, President & Director of the charity, also gives the following sound advice –

“Buy the person who has everything a CO alarm to EN 50291 for Christmas (cost not more than £20) and make sure they get all their appliances, powered by any carbon based fuel that burns (gas, coal, wood, oil, petrol etc.), regularly maintained by properly qualified people. With gas this means Gas Safe Registered.”


As an illustrator, I’ve been asked to produce all manner of Xmas-related stuff over the years.

Here’s a detail from a card commissioned by a well-known Sunday newspaper a couple of years back which. Click on the pic to see the full thing.

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