To answer, or not to answer: that is the question?

I recently filled out an author questionnaire (with photo) on the website and, I have to say, I struggled over some of the questions.

Not being as well-known as some children’s writers, like, say, Katie Price (aka Jordan), Ricky Gervais, Sarah Ferguson or Geri Halliwell, I wondered whether people would really be interested in my favourite food or most embarrassing moment.

I thought I might try the jokey approach but worried it would look like I wasn’t taking the job seriously. In the end, I aimed for the middle ground and then asked Irma for her verdict on the finished answers.

“It’s a bit melancholic,” she told me. “Verging on the tragic even.”
Maybe she means I’m a miserable, old git. I’ll let you be the judge – you can find the questionnaire in full here.   JOHN
While you’re at it, check out the questionnaires of all my wonderful friends in Islington Writers For ChildrenAlison, AnneKatharine, Marion, and Odette.


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