The Book of Light Poems

book of light poems 18I like the idea of a book without text which then becomes complete with the addition of spoken words. I’ve just finished constructing The book of Light Poems which will be used by Joseph Coelho in The PoetryJoe Show, soon to start touring.

As we developed the project, it became clear that we needed a ‘book’ to contain the bits which made the visual part of the show work and that it required a certain look to get across that special quality of Joe’s poems. There also had to be an some element to carry through the theme of light.

The show’s Autumn schedule is filling up fast with a few early shows, including this Sunday at the Warwick Arts Centre. To see all the dates so far, click here.

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London Canal Museum – Icicle

IMG_2442Icicle is a collaboration with Irma for the Museums at Night event at the London Canal Museum on Saturday 18th May. I used my paper engineering skills  to realise Irma’s concept for a piece constructed from card and Melinex which will be suspended over a rectangle of Melinex. The piece is in response to the theme of ice, using materials which create the tension, sharpness and illusion that Irma was looking for while also reflecting the two other pieces she’ll be showing on the night.

The Ice Wells at the London Canal Museum come alive on the night of 18th May, 5.30 – 11.00 pm  with film installation, painting, poetry, ice sculpture and photography. Arts on Ice is a night at the museum exploring the depths of the ice wells and ice trade which operated from the building during the 19th Century.

A range of artists from Islington and further afield exhibit ICY works of art – ice sculpture, film installation, painting – the museum is transformed into an Ice Palace to the arts. Descend into the ice wells – 5.30 – 7.30pm. Suitable for fit, suitably shod, over 10s (vertical ladder descent) Bookable on the night – limited numbers. Licensed bar will be open from 7.30pm Entry £5

Full details here.

How to get there.