Christmas Post

For those of you who have received our hand-made, hand-printed cards in the past, we regret to say that, for reasons beyond our control, you won’t be receiving one this year.

To ease the pain, here’s one of our favourites from previous years. Best wishes from John & Irma

This card can be viewed two ways - starry sky or snowy sky.

Screen printing in Stroud Green

It was back to school last friday when I worked with the year 5’s at Stroud Green Primary School on a stencil and screen printing project. As you can see from the photos, the kids learnt a new skill and did some brilliant work. As well as creating the banner and printing on individual pieces of material, some also choose to print on t-shirts.   JOHN


The screen printing does resonate, in some ways, with what I do now, but it’s also nice to be transported back to my former life as a printer both in art college and when I first arrived here in London.
Below is a couple I did earlier – 29 years earlier to be precise!

screenprint - untitled 1
screenprint - untitled 2